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Pan Tek, Exceptional Timber Products
Pan Tek, Exceptional Timber Products

Cabins, Cabanas, Sheds, Storage Buildings, Garden Sheds. Eco friendly Building Systems from Premium Materials. Exceptional Timber Products for Home Improvement

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Built Solid, Built Strong, Designed to Last!

Simply stated MIGHTY CABANA & MIGHTY SHED give you more and are the best bang for the buck accessory buildings available in a pre-cut package. Pan Tek recognizes that you as a customer are drawn to the MIGHTY CABANA & MIGHTY SHED product for a high quality accessory building without an exorbitant cost. You want a storage building that has the appeal of a genuine crafted structure and not a plywood box. You also respect the environmental aspect of building with solid wood materials from a sustainable resource.

Key selling points...

  • Built from Premium Solid Wood materials.
  • Patented system significantly extends the life of the structure.
  • Pre-cut package decreases need for onsite material manipulation.
  • Only Premium materials are used, no seconds or scrap.
  • Detailed assembly instructions with technical support.
  • Ability to customize easily.
  • Outperforms other shed systems in longevity, appeal, and quality.
  • Designed for durability.
  • Purchase from a reputable Company. Pan Tek is a division of Pan Abode Homes Inc. Supplying Building packages for almost 60 years.

Buy from a reputable building manufacture with a long history of supplying quality materials. Pan Tek also offers assembly services for those not interested in assembling their MIGHTY CABANA or MIGHTY SHED. Make sure to compare us in the respect of actual value and quality when shopping. We are convinced you will recognize that MIGHTY CABANA & MIGHTY SHED products are unsurpassed.





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